Thursday, July 4, 2013

Declare your Independence

It's Independence Day, and today Americans everywhere are donning their red, white, and blue, firing up the grill, and chasing around kids with a water bucket, hoping they don't blow off their fingers. On this one day, we can all feel united as one people, one nation, and be pretty darned proud of how awesome our country is. Here are a few ways keep it that way (and make it better).

1. Tend Your Gardens

I would say, "plant a seed," but here in Green Country we're right smack dab in between planting times (though fall planting season is right around the corner). Instead, tend your darlings and bring in that bounty. If you're like many gardeners, those cukes and zukes are just about taking over the yard. And hopefully your tomatoes are doing just as well. Serve them up with your 4th of July meal and do not take for granted the importance of food independence.

2. Walk, Bike, or Carpool To Your Destination

Independence from fossil fuels doesn't start with a nation, it starts with you. Declare your freedom from our nation's oil addiction by using less, or even better, using none this Independence Day.

3. Serve Non-GMO Certified Food at the Party

Chips and dip, cornfeed beef burgers, and even that beet sugar you swirled into the iced tea all potentially contain GMOs, and if they contain GMOs you are pledging allegiance to the United Corporations of Monsanto, Dow and Co. You know these monster companies are ravaging our land, destroying our ecosystems, and taking over our government. You've watched Food, Inc. and read the news reports. So, get them out! I always say, your loudest most effective vote is your money. Buy organic corn, grass fed local beef, and pure cane sugar. Buy non-gmo certified beverages. Look for the label, and find a way to be truly free.


I think I will probably suggest this tactic for every occasion. But, for our freedom-fighting purposes here, I will focus on the fact that buying local means you aren't supporting the giant corporate entities who are taking over our world. This declares independence from a sick, corrupt system and shows the world that we don't need to depend on the whims of CEOs in far off cities safe in their skyscrapers for our very existence. Get meat from a local farmer, veggies from your community garden, pop and tea from a local co-op or mom and pop store.

There is a better way, my friends, and it's time we show the country what true independence means.

Got more ideas on how we can declare our independence by helping our communities and our planet, say so in the comments!

And now I leave you with the most patriotic song I know.

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