Friday, June 7, 2013

Monsoon Season and a Call for a Little Help from Our Friends

Photo taken near Tulsa, OK by woodleywonderworks
It's the equivalent of monsoon season here in Green Country. Everywhere, people are exclaiming that, even as temps soar toward the 90s, we are finally out of drought conditions for the first time in... well... a long, long time. The tradeoff is a state hit hard with tornadoes. Lives have been lost. Pets are displaced. Property damage is into the multiple millions of dollars. We've been through hell, I won't lie. And many are going through hell still. Just because the media's attention has turned to other things, doesn't mean the rebuilding stops or that people aren't still trying to piece their lives back together. There is a lot of work still to be done for those hit hardest by these chaotic storms. And we hold you all in our hearts and prayers as we make our donations and make our journeys to come to your aid in any way we can.

We know, of course, we aren't out of the woods yet. There is a collective breath being held across tornado alley, with eyes squinched shut, in an attempt to wish away the next deadly tempest.

But, in the midst of destruction, the rains--heavier than many have seen them in years--give life. Our local gardens are thriving, if not over-watered. (When was the last time we had that problem?) And the anticipation of a strong summer harvest is almost unbearable. 

Big Plans for TGCG

Meanwhile, back at the 'ranch' that is The Green Country Guardian, we are working like busy bees to make all our little green-hearted publication dreams come true. Deadlines have been set, and activity is ramping up to meet them. We should have a Kickstarter campaign up by the beginning of July (next month! editor breathes fervently into a paper bag) and, if all goes well, the website up by the first of August. And then, just one short month after that, the very deepest desire of this guardian's bleedin' heart is to have the first quarterly issue unveiled for all to see in September.

Big plans, fellow guardians. And it can't happen without you.

How can you help?  First and foremost, we need volunteers and 'talent.'  This is YOUR Northeastern Oklahoma guide to a greener life. This is your navigation tool, gathering place, and provider of stories and information on all things environmentally sustainable in Green Country. We want to help you recycle more efficiently, get off the grid, find that local eco-responsible food, live more simply, create less waste, and even get involved in steering our cities toward a more sustainable future. If this is what you're looking for as well, then help us help you by:

1. Writing for us (we even posted an ad on craigslist, and no, you don't have to be previously published)

2. Submitting photography

3. Being a fact checker/info digger

4. Helping us with data entry (primarily for our calendar of events and green business directory)

5. Follow us on twitter and 'like' us on Facebook (see sidebar) and share, share, share! Community support is so important to this project, so the more who know about us the better.

6. When the kickstarter campaign starts, donate and share! See #5.

7. Make comments, ask questions, and give feedback so we know how better to shape this resource to fit YOUR needs. 

June is looking to be one crazy month, and the fun is just getting started. Here's to good friends, great weather, and the knitting together of our ecologically minded community. Keep up the good work, guardians!

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